See a brief in English:

Who am I?

Hi, this is Joanna Szypuła. My passion for self- development, horses and importance of relations in business and life led me to become a coach, therapist and change facilitator.

I want to use my appetite for my own development as well as others to help  people to liberate themselves from limiting patterns, deepen their understanding of themselves and the world, create deep relationships and wisely chose and fulfill their goals.

How did it start?

I come from the corporate world of IT and telecommunications industry. I gained business knowledge and experience working in various leadership positions for over 20 years in international multicultural companies. As a shareholder, director and chairman of the board I led prosperous organizations.

My core competence is business strategic thinking, taking a broad perspective, the inclusion of the financial perspective, change management, building value based companies, taking care of business relationships, developing talent.

I experienced the importance of combining personal and company goals in order to get motivation and authentic commitment of managers and directors.

How can I help?

My competency can be useful for companies in catching the talented members of the organization and shaping their career paths. I support employees in gaining productivity, broadening their awareness, and the introduction of balance in life through a combination of corporate objectives with personal goals. In my work I speak fluent Polish and English.

How do I work?


Coaching is a very individual approach to personal and professional development. I assume that the answers to important questions are in us, but sometimes they are not at hand. During coaching sessions, customers themselves choose the theme of the meeting, with the support of a coach come to their own solutions. Although coach does not give ready-made solutions and managerial skills are not taught in the sessions I use the tools that are successfully used at manager’s work, and which serve clients in their professional and private lives. I work according to ICF standards.

  • Executive coaching

I accompany business owners, management boards, top managers in strategic management, expanding business perspective, change management, building goodwill, building individual leadership competencies.

  •  Business coaching

I accompany the client to diagnose and improve key business competencies. Often explored areas are: effective time management, team building and leading, implementation of goals, emotional intelligence in business. We explore day-to-day business situations and focus on solutions.

  • Life Coaching

I accompany the client during change process, often during making important life decisions, expanding self-awareness, coping with barriers and passing through thresholds.

8_leader-has-the-peopleCoaching i koń – Leadership trainings and workshops „Contact with the horse” where I incorporate my coaching methods and Horse Assisted Education.

These are, among other themes, leadership, communication, teambuilding, empathy, balance trainings. The workshop is the mirror for the team or client to see how she or he acts in the situation with the horse. Practical exercise with the horse is a reflection of situations in business and private life. During the training, the horse’s reactions show first of all, what the K competences that we possess are and what the area for development is. Horse shows if he understands what is asked of him, and whether there is trust and clear signals for him to meet this request. Feedback from horses is straight and simple. During practical exercises client see his way of communication, leadership, typical response to stress situation. At feed-back session we review video of recorded material. I am certified Horse Assisted Education facilitator and work according to the standards of European Association of Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE).

Ready to leave your comfort zone? Come and look the horse in the eye.

Mentoring and consulting

I support development of managers and professionals by sharing my own rich experience in business. Thanks to mentoring meetings clients develop their own skills and build confidence. Decisions and creative solutions can be discuss in an atmosphere of confidentiality and confronted with the experience and tools of mentor.


Each of us contains many shapes and colors. I call these shapes internal selves. Some of them may be seen and dominant at hand, some of them may be hidden but still in operation. For example it can be inner critic, a victim, a martyr, inner happy or sad child, pusher, warrior and many others.  As we identify with some and reject others we create imbalances and dead ends. We may lose the richness of our life and live a smaller life than we are really capable of. During the therapy we explore these internal selves and include them. We expand them from being limiting stereotypes to powerful archetypes that can serve us. It is a dynamic process of dialogue and action, reading body signals and working with vision and awareness. We learn to take the perspective of the observer. As we understand, include and transform the internal selves, they no longer stand in the way to developing our life potential, finding and realizing goals that are in line with our values and identity. As the work with our internal world continues, suddenly external situations in our lives get changed. Sessions help to gain self-leadership and responsibility for one life. I am a certified therapist of constellation in the field of archetypes and cranio-sacral therapy.

Please contact me for a session or any other information at joannaszypula1@gmail.com or +48 730 700 277.